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SOLARKÄFIG Tierchen bleiben draußen

Solar cage 25cm x 30 meters stainless steel

Solar cage 25cm x 30 meters stainless steel

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SOLAR CAGE Protective fence for on-roof solar systems to deter pigeons, reliably protects against pests such as martens, pigeons, birds and other small animals (solar cage 20cm x 30 meters stainless steel)

Ready-to-assemble complete package. Includes the mesh fence and fasteners.

Version: 20cm x 30 meter roll of PVC coated stainless steel wire and 60 J-hooks with clamping washers

Product features
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Visually inconspicuous
  • Suitable for every roof profile
  • Suitable for any solar panel construction
  • Easy to attach with J-hooks and clamp washers (included)
  • No drilling or screwing
  • No special tools required. Ordinary pliers are sufficient.
  • Can be easily removed for maintenance purposes
  • Robust, durable material: Welded steel wire in stainless steel with black PVC coating. J-hooks and
  • Clamping discs made of stainless steel, black powder-coated.
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