Protective fence for rooftop solar systems

All benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for all framed solar modules
  • Suitable for all roof profiles
  • Easy to install
  • No special tools required
  • No drilling, no screws, no glue
  • No warranty void for the solar modules
  • Can be removed for maintenance purposes
  • Robust, durable material
  • Visually inconspicuous
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Taubenabwehr leicht gemacht

Tauben verursachen eine ganze Menge Dreck. Nicht nur der Taubenkot ist ekelhaft, Essenreste vom füttern, Stroh und Zweige, etc. vom Nestbau, bis hin zu toten Tierkadavern, sammelt sich einiges über die Zeit an.

Haben Sie genug von dem Dreck und der Unhygiene?

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Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant

The J-hooks are simply hooked onto the module frame and fixed with the fastening disk. The simple installation method works with almost all framed solar modules, as long as the module frame has an L-profile with a rebate of at least 12mm. Installation is extremely easy and the J-hook can be mounted in just a few steps.

The mechanical fastening does not affect the guarantee of the solar modules. There is no need to drill, screw or glue the solar cage. Normal pliers are sufficient for installation, no special tools are required. The J-hooks can be released again for maintenance purposes.

Complete sets with J-hooks

The roof fence for photovoltaic systems

Martens and pigeons no longer have a chance

Simple, clean installation without drilling. No special tools required; Ordinary pliers are sufficient. Can also be easily removed and reinstalled for maintenance purposes.

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Marten defense for PV systems

Effective marten protection

The solar cage creates a physical barrier that reliably prevents martens and other small animals from making themselves comfortable under the solar modules. This prevents cable bites and cable damage and reduces the risk of fires.

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Visually inconspicuous

A design that has been tried and tested thousands of times and effectively keeps small animals and blown leaves away from the solar module base. This will prevent contamination, cable damage and roof fires. Visually inconspicuous. Thanks to the solar cage, your roof always looks good and stays clean. Suitable for every roof profile and all framed solar modules.

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Solar cage in action